Our Values

These values describe and remind us of who we want to be along the journey of fulfilling the Mission and Vision of Freedomhouse.

God First

God Himself is not only the source of all life we thrive from, but also the very one we pursue and prize above all else. We are a people who prize Him first before programmes, practices and even the needs of people! This means worship, prayer, the Word of God and creating space for people to encounter God powerfully, is everything. We are convinced – people who encounter God in the above ways, change!


Because we treasure God First, we know that His people are very very precious to Him. So, we treasure people dearly. We want to be a healthy, growing and multiplying family impacting the world where everyone is loved and cherished like God cherishes His family. We are not a business, we are not a marketing organization, we are a family on a mission with Jesus to see His kingdom come powerfully!


We want to value everyone for who they are! This means we treasure God’s design on their lives and live to see each other become who God has made them to be. Here we want to recognize God’s unique grace on each other, learning from what people carry around us and giving our lives to see each other thrive for the Glory of God. Moreover, this also means we cherish relationship and connection regardless of differences of opinions and opposing views. Honour means we fight for connection in our relationships while we pursue God’s mandate!


We want to keep this journey real. Real God, real life, real grace, real love, real power, real people. No Masks, no religious pretense and posturing! Everyone must feel safe with us, dropping their guards and protection mechanisms to discover more of Jesus and become who He has designed them to be!

Courageous faith

Christianity is synonymous with faith but we want to be bold and courageous in our expectation of what God wants to do. No hiding behind the ordinary, mediocre and comfortable; rather, positioning ourselves and stretching our hearts to believe God for remarkable things! The things only He can do!


Because God is wildly generous with us, we want to be as He is along this journey. Generous with all God has favoured us with. From our time, gifting, homes, possessions, to finances, actions and words! We want to be givers not takers, sowing ourselves for the benefit of others!


All healthy things in the kingdom grow, so we do not want to keep it safe and small for the sake of building a big gathering type church. We want to fill the earth, from boardrooms to distant shores, with what God has graced us with. That means we want to grow, increase and produce fruit that fills society whether people, gifts, wisdom, ministries, divine strategies or church plants.


God’s commission was simple … go and make followers of Jesus everywhere. This means we are to be a pioneering people, seeking to go beyond our comforts, cares and concerns, cities and borders. This is ‘going’ with Jesus everyday on His mission and being ready to go anywhere with Jesus for His glory and the good of humanity.