We believe that healthy, Jesus-style leadership is a critical part of establishing a church that reflects Jesus heart.

Since the outset of our journey, we have sought to cultivate a biblical leadership culture that facilitates the life of God and the care of His people. While we believe in the important functions of pastors and deacons, we have not felt at liberty to define such roles yet so early on in the journey.

We do have a number of functional areas of leadership that serve the church under the team leadership of Ryan and Melissa Matthews, ordained pastors who have led churches in London, UK and Durban, SA.

We have 3 important areas of leadership

  • Operations


    with Matt Roberts at the helm where matters of Administration, Finance and Facilities are governed. Here Jo Moolman, Jan Visagie, Theo Moolman, Nic Graham, Ryan Matthews, Ken Davidson and Mark Hulin serve. Moreover, we have important financial consultation from Gary Bradshaw based in Johannesburg. He is a CA who leads Lifehouse church with his wife Louise.

  • Welcome Ministry


    is provided leadership by DJ Reed with Ryan Matthews in support. Here we have amazing men and women who care for the people and build connection through various homegroups and discipleship groups. The following serve here: Greg and Candice Goosen, Cliff and Emily Smithers, Duncan and Bron Gow, Hendrik and Jen Fourie, Greg and Mariza Nixon, Ross and Laura Nixon, Jan and Jenny Visagie, Ryan and Melissa Matthews, and Stephan and Erin Van Der Merwe. Solly Armstrong facilitates great discipleship groups from time to time!

  • Greg Nixon


    is overseen by Ryan Matthews. Here we navigate important developing in house ministries such as worship with Greg Nixon at the helm, Freedom Kids with Nelia Hulin leading, Market Place ministry with Cliff and Nic and other emerging ministries such as Freedom Ministry under Teresa Findlay with more to come! We also work closely with Bruce and Jan Enslin who represent LAM ministries from the US. This is a powerful marriage ministry that is changing lives!

  • Life Team

    Also, together with Ryan and Melissa leading, 5 other couples serve on what we call a ‘life team’ where we consider the macro picture of Freedomhouse under God. It is a place of accountability, consultation and searching out the heart of God for the church. They are mighty people with integrity and significant calling: Nic and Taryn Graham, DJ and Margi Reed (over 100 years together in ministry), Matt and Kerry Roberts, Clifton and Emily Smithers and Theo and Jo Moolman.

  • Freedom Kids

    Our Freedom Kids ministry is led by the amazing Nelia Hulin together with her remarkable team of teachers. We have 3 age groups at the moment that we cater for: 3-5 year olds, 6-9 year olds and 10-14 year olds. Our desire for our precious kids is that they grasp how spectacular Jesus is, how deeply loved they are by the Father and that they are world changers right now! We also have a simple declaration that drives our Freedom Kids:

    We will love like we aren’t scared
    We will give when it’s not fair
    We will live life for another
    We will take time for a brother
    We will fight for the weak ones
    We will speak out for freedom
    We will find faith in the battle
    We will stand tall, and above it all
    We will fix our eyes on YOU!

  • Relationships

    Lastly, we are developing meaningful relationships with other gifted church leaders locally and abroad that help provide accountability and input. Greg and Sue Stevens of Imannuel Church, Drew and Megan Land of Glenridge, Gary Bradshaw of Lifehouse Church, and others such as Julian and Katia Adams, Paul Tothill, Rob Rufus and Alexander Venter.